OWTRIPLEBANG - Whatevs Is Clevs

  • OWTRIPLEBANG - Whatevs Is ClevsOWTRIPLEBANG - Whatevs Is Clevs


A mere five months after the release of OWTRIPLEBANG’S debut album “Shake Hands With Danger” we’ve got the incredible follow-up EP “Whatevs Is Clevs”! Featuring collaborators like Cheese N Pot-C, Tyler King, Benjy Rickard & Shauna Carattini, this selection of six sonic adventures is sure to please existing fans and catch the ears of new ones. So, don’t let there words influence you, go ahead and download… and enjoy. Oh… and if you really dig it… be sure to show your support by purchasing a CD. You know… those shiny discs that old people have a lot of? Well, buying those things give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you’re helping to support an artist’s creativity.

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