CM & Tha Silent Partner - bloc Sonics (Special Edition)

  • CM & Tha Silent Partner - bloc Sonics (Special Edition)CM & Tha Silent Partner - bloc Sonics (Special Edition)


In 2013, Tha Silent Partner was working on his celebratory Platters, Act 5: The Silent Anniversary (10 Years Of Tha Silent Partner) and he called on blocSonic label mate CM aka Creative to help out on the track “Good Times”. That track immediately revealed that there was chemistry there. It was as if the TSP sound was awaiting CM’s lyrical finesse. That led to TSP reaching out to CM once again for a collaborative EP. Today we’ve got the result of that collaboration… the truly indelible “bloc Sonics”! Far too often, producers try to throw everything into the mix and EMCEEs try to pack as many syllables as they can into the verse and try to come up with far out rap flows. What happens far less often is the producer and EMCEE providing just what’s needed for the song. This EP is a practice in restraint, through and through. Nothing more is used, added or said than each song needs. This judiciousness results in an EP that feels like an instant CLASSIC.

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